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SKU: AV-10-09

Audiovector - R1 ARRET - Standmount Speaker

Price: AED 21,250

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African Rosewood

African Rosewood

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Italian Walnut

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Product Description




The R 1 Series delivers a speedy response with great details and dynamics. The design makes handling of percussions and bass notes easy in a clean and natural way.

These 2-way, rear-ported stand mounters, use a non-parallel tear drop design to minimize internal standing waves. Using many concepts derived from their bigger siblings, SR 6 & R 3. The R 1 Series delivers a precise soundstage with nerve and punch belying their actual size. These small wonders will leave the listener wanting for more.

The Audiovector Freedom Grounding® system eliminates distortion and improves overtones, lowers the noise floor and increases image depth and focus. Freedom Grounding® is yet another step closer to perfection. Only on Arreté models.


Technical Specifications



“These elements combine to make a loudspeaker that is perfect for sophisticated small-room systems.” READ HERE

WHAT HI FI? 2020  "Yet, even against such talented (and larger) competition, we think these Audiovectors posses an utterly convincing blend of talents, particularly their musical cohesion, expressive dynamics and rhythmic nature."
"If you have a smaller listening room, we would argue they deserve top spot on your shortlist."  READ HERE

Audioplaza 2020  "Producing a variety of percussion details to create a very fast, accurate and lively sound. This speaker shows the directivity and quality of the Audiovector reference sound!” READ HERE

HIFI IFAS - DER BLOG  2020 By Bernd Weber

"The Audiovector Signature, Avantgarde and Arreté speakers are all an excellent solution for great sound in small spaces." READ HERE

Stereolife 2019 By Tomasz Karasiński

"It seemed to me that the Danes decided on "carbon" membranes so that the sound was denser, better weighted, and more fleshy. Instead, the described sets showed a sensationally close, realistic, clear midrange which - tell yourself what you want - immediately associated me with what the cult BBC monitors can treat in this area..." READ HERE

Stereo I Kolorowo 2019 By Ludwik Hegel

"The tonal depth of individual sources presented on stage is charming. These not only are clearly and precise, but also have an acoustic border around their contours and substantial filling. You can feel and hear their sonic engagement as well as optimal resonance. The air around them vibrates, while the sound of the instruments is clean and natural. First-rate voiced. With perfect spatial coordinates. The impressive resolution and reference rhythm overlap this".

"Much good could also be written about the high title skills of R 1 regarding the presentation of sound selectivity and resolution. In fact, it would have to be not a description, but a poem. This is a detailed and detailed sound, but completely devoid of so-called sandy and metallic. Beautiful, long decay with rich content and excellent analytical. With a first-class look into the recordings, revealing playing characteristics along with a neutral approach to the issue of additional lighting of nuances and subtleties. It brings a resolving sound, but it is completely devoid of any unpleasant noises. World Championship!" READ HERE

Hifi+ 2019 By Alan Sircom

”The R 1 Arreté has excellent imaging properties. It creates a soundstage that runs wery wide of the speakers and deep, too.”
“If you listen with your ears and not your wallet, The Audiovector R 1 Arreté is one of the best stand-mounts available today and has become one of my benchmarks.”  READ HERE

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