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SKU: CY-01-01

CYRUS ONE with ONELinear speakers

Price: AED 5,150

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Product Description

+Cyrus ONE Integrated Amplifier and Cyrus ONELinear Speaker Package

+Cyrus One Integrated Amplifier
+Cyrus OneLinear speakers
+Dedicated Cyrus speaker cable 3.0m pair
*Speakers are available in black or white

Cyrus ONE Descriptions

Breath-taking audio from a single box integrated amplifier. Compact, yet boasting an incredible audio specification. Send Bluetooth from your phone, directly connect a record player, or plug in Google’s Chromecast audio for CD quality streamed music. It also has sound for pound, one of the best headphone amplifiers money can buy. ONE is the standard by which others are measured.

The ONE is a versatile beast. Because of its huge power capability, it can comfortably drive speakers to fill large rooms, but it’s just as comfortable in an office or bedroom environment.

The exquisite headphone amplifier makes it especially suited to the latter of those applications – the perfect partner for a late-night listening session in front of the laptop.


Simplicity and integration are core to this product. As well as being app controllable, Cyrus has built in a high-quality Bluetooth receiver, so users can send music from their phones, and a ‘phono stage’ so users can directly connect a turntable. The powerful 100 watt stereo amplifier section uses our in-house designed ‘hybrid Class-D engine’ – one of the most impressive amplifier designs of recent years.

The ONE also has serious ‘Head-Fi’ credentials. The built-in Class AB headphone amplifier is exceptional. When used in this mode, the full power of the large toroidal transformer is diverted to power this amplifier section, producing a dynamic range and level of control rarely seen in even dedicated headphone amplifiers.

Another innovation from the design team and implemented in the Cyrus ONE is the ‘SID’ system. This stands for ‘Speaker Impedance Detection’ system. When the amplifier is powered on, it measures the connected speakers and automatically calibrates the amplifier to deliver the best possible performance.

The over-arching design objective with the Cyrus ONE was to craft an integrated amplifier product that is as relevant and important today as the original Cyrus One product was in the 1980s. Cyrus wanted it to be affordable, drive pretty much every speaker system on the market and be a fantastic entry point to the core values our brand represents. Cyrus is exceptionally proud of the results and are certain this amplifier will offer users many years of superb listening experiences.

Linear Speakers Descriptions

The Cyrus ONElinear is a premium loudspeaker system, which, whilst designed to perfectly augment the Cyrus ONE amplifier system, provides exemplary performance with a whole host of audio systems.

The ONElinear is engineered with a classically ‘British’ linear frequency response curve. The objective is complete neutrality, allowing the full character of the music to be revealed. A loudspeaker, however, can only be truly perfected if it is known which amplifier system will be driving it. In this case, the ONElinear has been optimised for use with Cyrus’s own hybrid Class D amplifier topologies.

ONElinear, whilst designed to work exceptionally well with the ONE amplifier range amplification design, is a great loudspeaker by any standards. Often ‘linear’ or flat response loudspeakers can end up dull in execution, but Cyrus has focussed on leading-edge detail.

Because of the speed and accuracy of these drive units, these are capable of a rare feat indeed – the ability to thrill and entertain for numerous hours on end – without any undue emphasis on bass or treble frequencies.


The ONElinear bass/mid driver uses a double-wound copper-coated aluminium voice-coil. As well as being light, this produces a stronger induced magnetic field and hence ‘grip’ over hard to control bass frequencies. The voice coil is bonded to a carefully profiled KEVLAR cone material. This material is light and responsive, carrying limited inertia and retaining its shape and hence audio characteristic even when pushed hard. The speed and accuracy of the resulting bass response is remarkable for a speaker of the size.

The ‘tweeter’ or treble unit is a textile soft-dome, capable of meaningful response well beyond the limits of human hearing. Refined and balanced, the high-frequencies are never ‘aggressive’ or harsh, yet retain the full detail of the source recording.

The crossover uses high quality electrolytic capacitors to maintain the signal integrity and a smooth phase response through the transition from bass driver to tweeter. This again contributes the even response.

The cabinet has been developed using advanced computer modelling with ‘Delayed Cumulative Spectral Analysis’ to reduce the contribution of cabinet noise to levels more than 35dB below the driver output. The same computer modelling is also used to fine tune the crossover to ensure a consistent performance, even when listening ‘off-axis’.

The ONElinear is rear-ported and designed to be positioned between 10-30cm from a rear wall. This will optimise the bass response and mid-range clarity, although some experimentation with position is advised as this will be room-dependent.

Technical Specifications


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