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SKU: CY-01-03

CYRUS ONE Cast + ONELinear Speaker Package

Price: AED 6,950

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Product Description

The Ultimate Flexible System Cyrus ONE Cast

The Cyrus ONE Cast is an entire system. The ability to stream music to it from a phone, tablet or laptop means that customers can use their favourite streaming service or music playing app to choose their music or store their playlist, and the Cyrus ONE Cast does the rest, turning it into an astounding music experience.

Voice control compatibility gives the Cyrus ONE Cast serious future proofing, as more and more people populate their homes with smart speakers. Whilst an Amazon Echo may be high quality enough for the news, when you really want to listen to music, tell Alexa / Siri / Google Assistant to play it on your superlative Cyrus ONE Cast, taking your music to a whole different level.

Added to all this wireless functionality are a host or wired inputs for analogue (including vinyl) and digital sources, giving you everything you could ever need. A perfect complement to the Cyrus ONE Cast, the Cyrus ONE linear speakers have been specifically designed to benefit from the Hybrid Class D topology used in all Cyrus ONE models. The ONE Cast is versatile, simple to use, and integrates seamlessly into your smart home.

Cyrus ONE Cast features and benefits-

Chromecast built-in and AirPlay 2 Enabled:

Any streaming or music playing app which is Chromecast compatible can be played via the ONE Cast. Simply launch the app, hit play, and then select the ONE Cast from the Chromecast button within the app. The ONE Cast then takes over the hard work, pulling the data from the cloud and converting it to an enthralling musical experience in up to 24/96 high resolution. Apple AirPlay 2 is also on board, providing a similar ease of use for Apple users.

MM Phono Stage:

Cyrus ONE Cast features a built-in phono stage that is compatible with all Moving Magnet cartridges and requires no adjustment or extra set up, enabling you to play all your favourite vinyl from most turntables. Alongside the turntable input is an AV input that can be set to fixed gain in order to integrate with a separate AV amplifier.

Class AB Headphone Amplifier:

When headphones are connected, the class AB headphone amplifier draws all its power from the huge main toroidal transformer. These deep power reserves enable the high voltage design to drive almost all headphones with ease, resulting in a musical performance akin to a stand-alone headphone amplifier.

Voice Control Compatible:

Whether you live in an Apple, Google, or Amazon smart home, you can control the ONE Cast by simply issuing the appropriate commands. Set up is child’s play, through either the Google Home app, or Apple AirPlay 2.

High Resolution DAC for Digital inputs:

The onboard ESS 32 bit DAC is capable of handling up to 32/192 sources and DSD to DSD128 over asynchronous USB. Additional optical, SPDIF and HDMI (ARC) inputs give you all the connection flexibility you need. Bluetooth is also built in.

High-power Amplifier:

2 x 100W gives class-leading power output that, when combined with its high current capability, will drive most loudspeakers regardless of their size. All that power enables Cyrus ONE Cast to present your music with a huge dynamic range, giving 3D detail and bags of energy without the need to buy big, bulky, inefficient amplifier boxes.

Speaker Impedance Detection:

The amp features S.I.D. (Speaker Impedance Detection) which calibrates itself to perform optimally with any loudspeaker it encounters. This means that matching Cyrus ONE Cast to any brand of loudspeaker has suddenly been made so much easier.

Technical Specifications


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