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SKU: CY-07-01

CYRUS soundBuds 2 - Ear bud headphones

Price: AED 355

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Product Description

Cyrus’ second-generation soundBuds2 ‘True wireless Stereo’ in-ear headphones build upon the solid foundations of the first iteration.

soundBuds2 dramatically improve in all key areas, with a more refined, agile sound, sleek modern design, improved larger drivers, longer battery life and capacitive touch controls, yet retain the original soundBuds’ lightweight but durable construction and rock-solid Bluetooth connectivity.

The soundBuds2 offer a carefully balanced sound with a neutral tone and excellent dynamic range. Designed for audio enthusiasts who prefer to hear their music without artificial emphasis, they deliver a natural and insightful performance, in the compact size our modern lives demand. Higher-fidelity sound has been prioritized over ‘signal processing’, so they operate without the phasing artefacts of noise-cancellation.

Soundbuds2 come with an ergonomic, pocket-sized fast charging case with a one-hour rapid charge. Once charged, the soundBuds2 give five hours of playing time, and the smart carrying case, another 15 hours of battery life in your pocket. In total the soundBuds2 offer an impressive 20 hours of listening.  The headphones weigh just 4.3g each and are supplied with three different sized ear-tips to accommodate most ear sizes.

Focused largely on their pristine, balanced sound quality and long-lasting comfort, the soundBuds2 are the ideal work-from-home headphones. They feature an impressive Bluetooth range of 10 metres and have a crystal-clear built-in microphone. You can easily move around the house (hands-free, of course) while you seamlessly switch between answering phone calls and listening to your favourite music.

The soundBuds2 design is outfitted with soft ear hooks, so you can listen comfortably for as long as you like. The snug and stable fit, coupled with heavy-duty water resistance (IPX5), also make the soundBuds2 an excellent match for sports and exercise. Whether you prefer to go to the gym or exercise outdoors, you won’t have to worry about sweat or getting caught in the rain.  Their “non fall out” fit making them almost impossible to lose.

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