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AudioUAE was formed for one simple reason, and that was to bring some of the very best ‘Sound Reproduction’ domestic hifi to the UAE. The brands and products have been hand-picked and come from some of leading audio manufactures on the planet. The products on offer have been developed by total geniuses, masters in their class, people who have dedicated their whole lives in the search of perfecting audio sound. The development teams in these companies can sometimes be Scientist, Doctors in Physics/Electronics, Engineers, or self-taught prodigy’s that have a wealth of knowledge and experience that cannot be surpassed.

The people behind AudioUAE have a background in music, events, studio production, A/V retail & installation. One member was even a recording artist that was nominated for a Grammy Award and has worked in hundreds of recording studios around the world.  We all love music, and can’t live without it. It is that driving force, our passion, that has inspired us to create AudioUAE. After living in the region for many years (a combined length of over 40 years) we were a bit disappointed with some of the audio/hifi equipment on offer. That is not to say, there are some great shops offering some superb gear, but it is extremely limited and in most places around the world there is more on offer. Our main goal was to find products that offered optimum performance that surpasses the price point. Unfortunately, there are too many brands in the audio world where you pay for the ‘Badge’ AKA logo on the product, rather than the quality of the performance that item has to offer. Therefore, we have selected items that can outperform similar products in the market that are in a much higher price bracket/category.

Many of the items we offer are made to order, so there can be some waiting time dependent on the manufacturer (but it is definitely worth the wait). This is because some items are hand built and that is why the quality is so high, so it takes a bit longer to make because they are not mass produced. We have a great relationship with our business partners, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask because if we don’t know the answer, we will get if for you. Ultimately, AudioUAE is here for you, the audio/hifi enthusiast, if it be the first steps into the audio world, or the veteran, long-term audiophile who has decades of enjoyment in this field, we can help you fulfil, or assist in your goals/requirements. So please, reach out to us, we are here for you.

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