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World's Best HiFi Products

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The amp for life, and if you like it, it's hard to listen to anything else!


Your enjoyment of music was the motivation for Gary Morrison and Ross Stevens to create PureAudio. Our every design decision is to serve this purpose. Purity in sound, materials, design, and execution is our goal. Our user interfaces are refined away to an unobtrusive minimum. Our materials and component choices will ensure a lifespan amounting to decades. We invite you to enjoy our creations…

PureAudio was founded by Gary Morrison and Ross Stevens. Gary has enjoyed a 30 year career in the high-end audio industry, the largest

part of that as a co-owner and head designer for Plinius Audio. Gary was responsible for the sound of Plinius from 1987 until 2005.

During that time he was instrumental in the creation of a series of highly regarded and well reviewed audio amplifiers.

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